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Old Blog. New Blog.

I started this blog 10 years ago to begin to capture some my thoughts and interests in the learning space.  In that time many of these ideas have continued to evolve and grow.  In particular, my thoughts and musings have led to the creation of new upcoming book.  When I worked at the Forum Corporation … Continue reading

We Put Fluoride In the Water

So lots of talk over the last year about performance enhancing drugs. Not in sports but in standardized testing.  Part of the performance learning stack I hypothesized a while ago is the optimized learner. In the stack I suggested emotional, physical, social and emotional as the elements to this optimal learner. Below are my thoughts … Continue reading

High Leverage Skills

We are always looking for disproportionate returns. Think about the world of investments where the holy grail is to find the magical place where returns are greater than risk. What about how we think about skill development when it’s done in the pursuit of improved performance? Much of what we do is a combination of … Continue reading

The Ritual of Performance

I recently finished the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey.  In the book he describes the rituals of a variety of people including authors, scientists, artists and other notables.  I sought the book out as part of my 2014 planning.  2013 was a tremendous year of change and growth from me on both the personal … Continue reading

The Performance Learning Stack

I find frameworks helpful. Particularly when looking at complex systems they can help to identify inter dependencies and “chunking” information has been shown to help the brain handle more. I love analogies because they force us to think differently about things and grasp new ideas faster. As I started my exploration of multiple domains for … Continue reading

Learning Amplifier

I am a big fan of mash-ups. The style of DJ built music that combines seemingly disparate style of music into what are arguably “new” songs. these mixes often surpass the originals and also do a great job of exposing new audiences to source material they may have never heard. In my role as a … Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Curation

I have been experimenting with a number of curation tools over the past year. Curation to me is a foundational element to optimizing performance inducing learning. Unlike some parts of the performance learning stack which add value when done right, curation is a limiter. A limiter sets the maximum value of everything that comes after … Continue reading

Go with the Flow

Performance should feel like this… Check out more at the Flow Genome Project.

There and back again…

It has been some time since a new post has arrived upon the happy shores of Learning Hacks.  The reason is I have been on a journey.  One that took me all the way into fiery depths of HRBPO, showed me wonderful people and desperate places.  My 20 months spent with an HRBPO provider was … Continue reading

Check your analogies at the door

This is a guest blog by Kyle Moran. Kyle Moran, CFA is a senior finance professional with expertise in financial analysis and metric reporting.  He was the senior financial resource in building out a training process outsourcing line of business for Franklin Covey in 2002.  Since then he has provided consultation and guidance on multiple training … Continue reading