Managing Relationship Clutter: 4 Things I learned at Startup Bootcamp

 By Richard C. Harris PhD When I think about my experience in start-ups the first thing that comes to mind is the thrill of the start. Making something new happen is exciting. But there is another side to the startup experience—the emotional upheaval that happens under pressure, in some cases Zuckerbergian emotional upheaval. A … Continue reading

Here Comes Lean Learning Pt. 2

The Lean Learning Philosophy So that we have some more to discuss let’s propose some guiding principles for adopting a lean learning approach.  The tools for executing a lean approach to learning will continue to change at a rapid pace but, if valid, the underlying principles should not.  These principles, in some cases, challenge long … Continue reading

Start-up CEOs: Do You Even Need a Mentor?

Guest Blog Post: Richard C. Harris, PhD Last month I wrote about what angel investors need to learn in order to become better mentors. A recent blog post by Fred Wilson raises the mirror-opposite question: can entrepreneurs learn how to use a mentor? Wilson argues that they need to, and he cites another blog post, … Continue reading