My Write-in Candidate for Learn Tech Leader

The Candidates I spend a fair amount of my time looking out at the learning industry and attempting to distill out broad themes and trajectories.  One of the topics of much discussion recently is the future of the technology that supports learning.  A recent panel at the Enterprise Learning! conference brought together a bunch of … Continue reading

A Decent Proposal

“Customers don’t care about your product.  They care about their problem.” – every successful entrepreneur I have met         My proposed framework, an adaptation of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, is anchored by the value proposition.  It is also where I see the many of today’s training organizations fall down.  The inability … Continue reading

I’ve Been Framed

As I stated in my previous post, I feel the Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder is good place for today’s training organizations to start as they rethink their role and structure. Before I propose the hack let’s get a quick grounding in the tool as it exists for startups. Business Model Canvas: Quick … Continue reading

Evolution of a Framework

“Traditional training departments will shrink.”   This statement wandered across twitter last week as a result of Jane Hart’s, founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologie, tweet regarding the resolution as part of the EPIC debate series.  Anyone who knows me (or has read this blog) will not be surprised to find that … Continue reading

What We Are Working On Right Now

Minimum Viable Mentor

Managing Relationship Clutter: 4 Things I learned at Startup Bootcamp

 By Richard C. Harris PhD When I think about my experience in start-ups the first thing that comes to mind is the thrill of the start. Making something new happen is exciting. But there is another side to the startup experience—the emotional upheaval that happens under pressure, in some cases Zuckerbergian emotional upheaval. A … Continue reading

Here Comes Lean Learning Pt. 2

The Lean Learning Philosophy So that we have some more to discuss let’s propose some guiding principles for adopting a lean learning approach.  The tools for executing a lean approach to learning will continue to change at a rapid pace but, if valid, the underlying principles should not.  These principles, in some cases, challenge long … Continue reading

Start-up CEOs: Do You Even Need a Mentor?

Guest Blog Post: Richard C. Harris, PhD Last month I wrote about what angel investors need to learn in order to become better mentors. A recent blog post by Fred Wilson raises the mirror-opposite question: can entrepreneurs learn how to use a mentor? Wilson argues that they need to, and he cites another blog post, … Continue reading

Here Comes Lean Learning Pt. 1

Lean Learning Anyone? I have worked in the training industry several times since I left it a decade ago for the worlds of venture capital and private equity.  But, not since 2001, have I had the opportunity to spend significant time taking a deep look at it.  And coming back to it with fresh eyes … Continue reading

Can mentorship be learned?

The following post is from Richard C. Harris, PhD and is the first in a series on mentoring start-ups. If the recently-held Angel Investor Bootcamp, held in Cambridge, Mass on June 1st is any indication, there is a rising interest among angel investors in all aspects of the angel’s role, including the role of mentoring. … Continue reading